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How To successfully configure a TicketStudio:

Access the Administration:

Select your organization in the Administration-Dropdown in the top right corner to acces the Administration area.

User Administration:

  • Allow additional user: User that should be enabled to access the application can be added here. Therefore the E-Mail address that is used in Azure Active Directory is needed.
  • Remove user from organization: This will remove the selected user from the application. The user won´t be able to access the application after being removed. Workitems created by this user will not be deleted. The users Azure Active Directory account wont be affected.

Channel Administration:

Channels are the heart of TicketStudio. They represent the gateway to a specific part of your AzureDevOps tenant. In a channel a query can be configured which leads to the resulting Workitems being dispalyed in TicketStudio, furthermore Workitems can be created according to a channels configuration.

  • Create Channel: Create an additional channel and configure the settings to access Azure DevOps.
  • Edit Channel: Change an existing channel and its configuration.
  • Delete Channel: Delete a Channel and its configuration so it can not be accessed by users anymore.

Channel Configuration Azure DevOps Details:

  • Channel name: A name that helps the user to recognise the channel.
  • Username: The user that will be used to access the API of Azure DevOps. This user needs to have sufficient access rights in the Azure DevOps Tenant to all neccessary information.
  • Secret: The Secret to authenticate the given user. Usually a PAT. It is also possible to authorize this application via OAuth2.
  • Base URL: URL of the Azure DevOps Services. Default value is "".
  • Organization: The Azure DevOps Organization you want to access. To find out this configuration value check the url in your browser when you access Azure DevOps:

  • Project: The Azure DevOps Project where you want to create/display your items. To find out this configuration value check the url in your browser when you access Azure DevOps:
  • Team to further differentiate a project (optional but required to add work items to the current iteration): Do you want to add the workitems that are created in a specific team? If your answer is yes put the team name here. If "Don´t configure team" is selected all workitems will be added to your projects backlog.
  • Team that gets notified when a workitem is added (can be the same team as above): You can configure a Azure DevOps team here that gets notified when a ticket is created. The notification is via @mention in the comment of the new workitem.

  • Path where tickets will be stored: This is also called "Area" in the Azure DevOps interface. You can just copy the value from a workitem from Azure DevOps
  • Should new WorkItems be added to the Backlog or the current iteration?: You can configure if created workitems are added to your current iteration/sprint of if you want them on the backlog.
  • Queries in Azure DevOps are a powerfull tool to select specific items via a detailed set of rules. This lets you configure which items a TicketStudio user can see and can´t see. You can find mor informations about queries here.
    Which Azure DevOps query should be used to display the workitem list?